Dawning Of Aquarius



Dawning Of Aquarius 1948 by Aunty Millie Mace:
Jain’s Super-Aquarian Date 4-2-1962.

Astrologers and some Astronomers are excited for a rare planetary event where the two stellar bodies of Saturn and Jupiter, will conjunct and appear as one body of Light. This will happen at 0 degrees Aquarius, in a few days time on the 21st December, 2020. Normally the Saturn/Jupiter alignment happens every 20 years, but in this case, the occulting, meaning the 2 become 1 from our eyesight, has not happened since the C12th medieval times, so it is being hailed as a special event. In the Southern Hemisphere, this is our Summer Solstice, the day with most Light throughout the whole year, worthy of celebration, though in the Northern Hemisphere, this is their Winter Solstice, the day with the least amount of Light. The Solstice peaks at 9:00pm and precedes another prophesized event at 10.30 pm, when Saturn and Jupiter align precisely, foretold by our Original People, represented by Aunt Millie Mace of Uluru, the giant Red Rock Centre of Australia (aka Ayer’s Rock) who claims her people had known about this date of 21-12-20 for many decades. She is asking everyone who supports her ancestral vision, to not gather at the heart of Australia, as they want their privacy to do their own secret ceremonial business, but to connect with the Mother Earth and Father Sky in their own backyard or local area, insisting that we all take our shoes off and feel the ground beneath us, or hug a tree or dip into the ocean or your favourite water-hole.

Auntie Minnie Mace is a storehouse of information both Aboriginal and Egyptian. She knows the secret and origin of the Egyptian hieroglyphs recorded in the Kariong Caves, near Gosford, north of Sydney.
She began by explaining the meaning and significance of the Chinese Ying/Yang symbol. Over twenty thousand years ago, an Egyptian named Shu travelled to China to teach the Chinese about the Yings and the Yangs, the positive and negative aspects of the Universe. (nb: Shu, relates also to the Chinese/Tibetan Magic Square of 3×3 aka “Lo-Shu”, that is the centre of their cosmology/calendar). The Ying Yang symbol, one side black and the other side white, represents a 26,000-year Universal cycle, with each side representing a separate 13,000-year cycle. The dark side is the Universe breathing out; the white side is the Universe breathing in. This 26,000 Universal Cycle is spoken about in many cultures/religions throughout the world. (In Sacred Geometry, this 26,000 year cycle is really the 25,920 year cycle Precession of the Equinoxes).

Auntie Minnie says that in 1948, we moved into the Age of Aquarius. Since that time, the Universe has been in “shunting” mode. On December 21st, 2020, she says the Universe will move out of shunt mode and will begin to breathe in, as we move into the new 13,000-year cycle.
She believes it’s critical that on December 21st, we all focus on sending our Love, Enlightenment and goodwill towards Uluru, because that energy will ripple out into the Harmonic Grid that encircles the Planet. The women ofUluru have been practising for this event for generations, doing the Corroboree to send the energy down into Mother Earth to help her out of this shunting mode she’s been in, so that the Universe can start coming back towards us. So, when we face Uluru at 9.02pm on December 21st, to send all our Love towards the Rock, we should also focus on seeing the Universe coming towards us.
Auntie Minnie explains the Harmonic Grid thus:

The Eternal Mother is the Moon. The Eternal Father is the Sun.
The electromagnetic waves between the Sun and the Moon filter down and for the Harmonic Grid around the Planet. We’re all connected to that Harmonic Grid through ‘The Silver Cord’ and if there’s a breakdown in the aggregation of atoms that make up our spirit in this body, the Harmonic Grid breaks down. We need a balance between the human and the spiritual aspects of our being to keep things in order.

Auntie Minnie believes that Australia will lead the world into the new Millennium.
“All the cultures of the world have been transplanted here, which was allowed by the Aboriginal Father Spirit Baiame. He allowed the strangers to come to our shores because they brought the English language. Before that we had 600 dialects, and we couldn’t talk to each other for so long. The English language has united us. We need to break down the barriers and share with each other.”

Regarding Auntie Minnie’s 1948 conjecture, to conclude, Jain supports and believes in this prophesy, but offers the rare insight in another more striking date that is the best candidate for the Dawning of Aquarius:
on the 4th and 5th February 1962, 7 planets aligned in Aquarius, all 6 planets closest to the sun and then the moon joined to mark another date that was prophesized by the world famous psychic at the time Jeane Dixon, regarding the 2nd Coming of Christ. In her vision, she saw a pyramid glinting and out of it stepped Akhenaton 1V unite with his beautiful wife Nefertiti who carried in her arms a child whose eyes were full of wisdom and knowledge. Then they walked back into the past leaving the child with a peasant couple who lived by the banks of the Nile.
Jeane Dixon’s vision has Egyptian overtones, and this aligns with Aunt Millie’s prophesy regarding connection with the 7 Hathors (Egyptian cow-earred Goddess of Sound and Frequency). This is the same as the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades constellation, considered to be our Central Sun, that is, our Solar System revolves around another Sun called Alcyone, in Arabic, this means The Centre.
I believe that this Prophesy is a warning for us to stay connected to Nature and Living Systems, as we progress towards a more technological and robotic environment, symbolized by Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius which rules the Space Age.

In 1977 I personally met a Super-Aquarian in Sydney who taught me Astrology and how to hand-draw or caste natal charts; his name was Mark Wattman, a 15 year old boy with 7 planets or stellium in the Aquarian Air signs, he was highly intuitive and all-knowing. We studied together under his astrology teacher Robert Connell who was secretly trying to muster or gather all these gifted children with ulterior motives in the darker realms of magic and ritual!
Whilst having a tea-party at my friend’s house Kim Quirk in the Bondi Junction, her mother a well-known psychic saw 2 crosses in the tea-leaves of our emptied cups and she warned us about this man Robert Connell, to run and protect ourselves. Thus began an innocent journey of meeting other Super-Aquarians, a type of Indiana Jones saga that empowered me with multi-experiences and how to read energy and how to seal my auric field.
Fast-tracking, by 1983, I was living in the Blue Mountains, and promoted the Makaratta or confluence or gathering of these Super-Aquarians, a festival that lead to my first near-death experience in 1984, whilst in the process of releasing ancient mathematical codes. This account will become its own book.
In some other articles, I can share with you more info about Super-Aquarians:
– Astronomers for 3 years prior to this date were all excited about this coming date of 4-2-1962 as it would be a rare total solar eclipse or new moon, permitting direct photography of the face of the sun, to be taken from a high mountain in New Guinea. I have collected many newspapers from the Sydney Morning Herald etc and micro-fiche files from libraries and recorded them in my 36 year old manuscripts.
– Ringo Starr joined the Beatles at this time, and the fame of the Beatles snowballed. (Interestingly, John Lennon’s life was governed by the alignment or conjunction of the Jupiter and Saturn which occurs every 20 years. John was born in 1940, then 20 years later he hit fame in 1960, then 20 years later in 1980 he was shot 5 times in NY).
– Another famous British comedian, Eddie Izzard was born on the 7th February, 1962, and to fully understand the Aquarian mind or sense of humour, you need to watch his antics on stage, absolute brilliance of wit and Genius Mind.
– On Feb 22nd, Pope John XX111 changed the course of Vatican history by releasing a rare Apostolic Decree or Reform, which basically allowed sermons and hymns and texts to be read by the masses in English, and not in the limiting use of Latin language.
– On Feb 24

th the USA satellite, the “Echo” made possible the first transmission of Television and Phone communications.

– In Tibetan Astrology, they consider that your Conception time is more important than your Birth time! If this be the case, Reenah Sun, who manages my Facebook and Instagram Pages, was conceived close to this date.

Jain 108
(18-12-2020, Mullumbimby Creek)

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