Mediumship is the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to mediate communication between spirits or non-living/deceased human beings and living human being There are different types of mediumship including spirit channeling.

Humans have been fascinated with contacting the dearly departed since the beginning of human existence. Cave paintings by indigenous Australians date back 28,000 years, some depicting skulls, bones, spirits and the afterlife. Other cave paintings in Indonesia date back a further 10,000 years

Mental Mediumship is what most people are familiar with. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience all fall under this heading. “Clair,” the constant in all three words, means, “Clear.” Subjective Clairvoyance operates when the Medium has a vision within her mind and is able to describe in detail what is occurring, be the subject a face or an object. Objective Clairvoyance is witnessed by the Medium when they can actually see with their physical eyes and describe what they are seeing. Clairaudience works along lines similar to Clairvoyance, but it is audible, rather than visible, information which the Medium experiences. Subjective Clairaudience occurs when the Medium hears internally sounds or conversation(s) and will repeat what she hears accordingly, as the sound vibrates her eardrums. Clairsentience is the clear sensing or feeling of Spirit energy. This type of sensing utilizes the solar plexus of the Medium’s body. (That’s why such sensing is often called a “gut feeling,” and you have probably used it yourself more than once!)

Physical Mediumship embraces Transfiguration, Materialization, and Trance. Transfiguration and Materialization both use ectoplasm, which is energy obtained from the Medium, other sitters, and Spirit from the world of Spirit. Ectoplasm is a substance taken from the medium’s body and according to Arthur Findlay, mixed with an etheric substance. This enables the Spirit controls to affect physical matter. Ectoplasm is extruded from the medium through any opening, very often through either the mouth, ears or nostrils. The depth or stage of Trance Mediumship depends on the circumstances that the Medium is under at the time of the trance.

Spiritual Healing has the Medium/Healer raise her level of consciousness as she serves as a channel to the energies of Spirit coming through to impart healing energies to the person receiving the healing.

A Medium’s training takes place on the levels of Body, Mind and Spirit as we know them. Self-discipline and self-mastery are central to such training, and governing the sensitivity of the Medium is essential. As in this world, the Spirit world has laws that come into effect when a Medium desires and reaches for the link between the two worlds. Having the gift of Mediumship does not make you an inevitable Saint – far from it! However, when one truly and with pure heart open oneself to one’s gifts of Mediumship, it means commitment to a daily growing effort, striving for the betterment of oneself in a never-ending Spiritual quest.

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