And We're back (part 2).

So, RIHHA is gone, I'm being patient about what lies ahead for me, and people keep reaching out.

I got a few phone calls from folks that wanted to keep the group going. I knew that I was willing to help in some capacity however taking the group over was not in my thought process. And, I guess it never went anywhere cause I never heard any more about it.

After a few months I started thinking about the entity. It kept creeping into my thought process. Was the domain renewed ? Was the Entity renewed ? Was it protected at the State House ? What was to become of the Rhode Island Holistic Healing Association ? I reached out to Susanne Dillon.

We decided to meet and have coffee. My concern was that after 14 years if someone was interested in maintaining the group, we needed to at least keep the entity current with the State. I had taken the bait and the hook was set,... I just didn't know it yet. All I knew was that I, like many others, just wanted to keep RIHHA going.

So that's what we did. After doing the research, the running around, the filing with the State, the Fed, and any one else who cared..... the Rhode Island Healing Association was able to breathe again.

Now the work begins. First the website, then the meetings to schedule, the structure, the membership, a new board,..... So much to do !!!


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