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Rhode Island Holistic Healing Association (RIHHA) is a gathering of Holistic Health Care Practitioners and Providers to share, support and complement all aspects of well being, including physical, environmental, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health; thereby contributing to the healing of ourselves, our neighbors, our community and of our planet.

Membership is open to practitioners, suppliers, store owners and all related professions in the Holistic and Alternative Medical Community. Dues are annual and affordable. If this is YOU and you’d like to meet with like-minded people, please join us.

More About Us And Our Mission

“ We recognize all life as a gift. And as we receive, we participate in the flow by giving back:

We give of ourselves, we give our service, we give our reverence and gratitude. Our relationships with the Earth are transformed as we enter into that awareness…personal healing becomes planetary transformation.”
~ don Oscar Miro-Quesada

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Meeting Will Be In Person

Thursday May 19th, 2022

@ 7:00 pm est


After 2 +  years of online meetings, we will have our first in person meeting of 2022 at It’s My Health Cumberland, RI.

Our Speakers are – Sue Corrigan and Susanne Dillon

Sue Corrigan, teacher of many Holistic modalities and co-founder of the Dowsing Institute along with Susanne Dillon, co-founder of RIHHA and the Dowsing Institute will be presenting ‘The Power of Eight’, based on the book of the same name written by Lynne McTaggart.  We will discuss the many benefits of Prayer/Energy, as Lynne has scientifically proven in her many experiments. We will also do a demonstration, so you can learn and have your very own ‘Power of Eight’. Stay Tuned for more Updates.


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Latest News

Astrid Meijer, M.Ed., A.P.S.

Diversity and Inclusion Training & Consulting   |   Intuitive Energy Healing & Akashic Records Consulting   

Speaker November 19th, 2020

Jade Grigori

Jade is the Caretaker of ‘the Ways’, an authentic Shamanic Lineage. He underwent his first Shamanic Initiation in 1956 at 5 years of age. He was subsequently apprenticed to his Grampa Pena, and became the caretaker of this ancient lineage of Shamanic practices upon his Grampa’s death in 1982. Now an internationally known speaker and educator.

Speaker January 21, 2021

John Koenig, Board Certified Hypnotist

Visit my website for information http://www.possibilities.nu

Speaker May 20th, 2021

RIHHA Supports Continuing Education.


Why Join RIHHA ?

It’s pretty obvious – In order to be the best we can be – Practitioner’s need to belong to their local & national Associations.  This is good information for all, but particularly practitioners that fall under the ‘Unlicensed Health Care Act’ passed in Rhode Island (2002).  It legalizes the practice of unlicensed health care practitioners at this time, but is subject to change.  We must be vigilant. (see my document below – feel free to copy and use in your practice).  We’ve had to defend this document several times throughout the years.
Membership tells the world that you’re a Professional, want to be involved, and, kept up-to-date with all things concerning your Practice. 
MOST important, is that our Associations are there for advice, and help when other licensed therapies have decided that we should be “under” their umbrella.  In Rhode Island, we also have the RI Holistic Healing Association  –  to Inspire – Educate &  Empower Holistic Practitioners and their professions through Education, Public Awareness and Community. When threatened, by other therapies, RIHHA members have been a great help.  As a reflexologist, I can speak from experience as we’ve struggled to stay separate from others who want our money and our members over the years.  www.RIHHA.org
And – wait – there’s something more… Rhode Island also has a Health & Wellness Guide’, put out each year by Sheryl Rachmil.  You can have a FREE listing in the Guide and there’s also the opportunity to put in a bigger ad (at a cost).  The guide is available in R.I. & nearby MA & CT.  www.riwellnessguide.com
Another BIG PLUS for us is the proof these associations, brochures and guides give us as a legitimate practice.  When I get a new client, I give them a packet that contains my brochure, a copy of the R.I. Unlicensed Health Care Bill” and a Wellness Guide.  I also place a copy of the Guide, a RARI Brochure, a RIHHA Brochure, and the Identifying the Professional Reflexology Practice Brochure on a table in my reflexology area.
Nancy Bartlett, NBCR

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