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Our next RIHHA Meeting is March 19th, 2020 and will feature:

Donna Madden

Facilitator of the

Mahatma Ray Technique

Be sure to add this to your calendar now, we hope to see you there.

Doors open @ 6:30 pm

Meeting will be at:

White Light Book store

1464 Park Ave
Cranston, Rhode Island 02920

(401) 944-4130

Latest News

Fred Maerkle

Fred is a Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master and Biofield Tuning & Sound Healing practitioner. His energy healing modalities offered include Reiki integrated with crystals, and vibrational sound, such as: Biofield Tuning, Tuning Fork Therapy, Singing Bowl Therapy, Toning and Om chanting.

Speaker May 16, 2019

Melissa Hecht, MSW, LICSW

Melissa has received training in a variety of holistic techniques and is thrilled to marry her clinical skills and holistic knowledge into one comprehensive treatment, Intuitive Therapy.

This approach encompasses the whole person, addresses any current distress and utilizes each person’s unique gifts and internal resources to bring about the healing process.  Treatment is individualized and catered to every client.

Speaker September  19, 2019

Julie Oakes Auletta / Certified Marconic Teacher Practitioner.

Marconic Energy is a full spectrum, multidimensional healing modality. You may experience the following benefits: ​​ * Raise your vibrational frequency * Discover your life’s purpose * Release fear based emotions such as worry, stress & anxiety * Unlock hidden talents and skills * Communicate with your DNA * Take charge of your personal programs * Accelerate your evolutionary process * Align with your higher mission * Awaken intuition/ESP/psychic gifts * Release negative past life imprints

Speaker November  21, 2019

Why Join RIHHA ?

It’s pretty obvious – In order to be the best we can be – Practitioner’s need to belong to their local & national Associations.  This is good information for all, but particularly practitioners that fall under the ‘Unlicensed Health Care Act’ passed in Rhode Island (2002).  It legalizes the practice of unlicensed health care practitioners at this time, but is subject to change.  We must be vigilant. (see my document below – feel free to copy and use in your practice).  We’ve had to defend this document several times throughout the years.
Membership tells the world that you’re a Professional, want to be involved, and, kept up-to-date with all things concerning your Practice. 
MOST important, is that our Associations are there for advice, and help when other licensed therapies have decided that we should be “under” their umbrella.  In Rhode Island, we also have the RI Holistic Healing Association  –  to Inspire – Educate &  Empower Holistic Practitioners and their professions through Education, Public Awareness and Community. When threatened, by other therapies, RIHHA members have been a great help.  As a reflexologist, I can speak from experience as we’ve struggled to stay separate from others who want our money and our members over the years.  www.RIHHA.org
And – wait – there’s something more… Rhode Island also has a Health & Wellness Guide’, put out each year by Sheryl Rachmil.  You can have a FREE listing in the Guide and there’s also the opportunity to put in a bigger ad (at a cost).  The guide is available in R.I. & nearby MA & CT.  www.riwellnessguide.com
Another BIG PLUS for us is the proof these associations, brochures and guides give us as a legitimate practice.  When I get a new client, I give them a packet that contains my brochure, a copy of the R.I. Unlicensed Health Care Bill” and a Wellness Guide.  I also place a copy of the Guide, a RARI Brochure, a RIHHA Brochure, and the Identifying the Professional Reflexology Practice Brochure on a table in my reflexology area.
Nancy Bartlett, NBCR

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