“To inspire, educate and empower people, build awareness while advocating for increased access to Holistic modalities, connecting Practitioners with each others and making Holistic Healing more accessible in or around Rhode Island through Education, Public awareness, and Community.”

In Person Meetings

We meet In person Every Alternate month –


We meet and greet, Meditate, Speakers will have presentations,

Raffle, and much more…..

Online Workshops

We organize theme based workshops.

2023 theme is Mental Health and wellness

Meetings are on Zoom and free for all members.

Registration is required to get the zoom link.

Dates and time varies according to the availability of the speaker/ presenter.


Vandana Pitke

Established back in 2004, the Rhode Island Holistic Healing Association (RIHHA) has flourished into an incredible collective of diverse holistic, integrative practitioners, healers and people. This community encompasses a wide array of practitioners who collaborate, exchange their healing methods, and even share business insights. In 2022, Vandana Pitke assumed the role of President, ushering in a wave of transformations within RIHHA. Her driving force stems from a deep-seated aspiration to embed holistic practices at the grassroots level of the community, reaching those who truly need it. Her vision involves linking individuals in need with various skilled practitioners and experts.

Under her guidance, thematic workshops were introduced for members, and the focal theme for 2023 revolves around mental health and overall well-being. Vandana has introduced various distinctive membership options: General, Practitioners and institutional Memberships. Each tier boasts a multitude of perks, enabling people to opt for what aligns with their financial means and personal requirements. With highly reasonable rates, anyone can take advantage of the various benefits that come along with it.

Membership provides discounts at participating stores and discounts on RIHHA’s special events, consultations with participating practitioners and on workshops, mental health conferences, expos and health fairs. The core of her mission is to foster a thriving community, epitomized by the motto “Unify and Connect!”

Moreover, she is employing astute strategies to bolster the association’s presence across diverse social media platforms, encompassing YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. As a practitioner who bridge holistic and traditional practices with evidence-based established care, Vandana considers herself responsible for uplifting the broken—those that suffer the most, the hopeless, the misinformed and the ones caught in fear. She wants to bring them rays of light, hope, health and happiness.

Susanne Dillon

Founder and Co- Chair EXPO Committee

Linda Nugent


Maria Sorensen

Co- Chair IMHC Committee

Jim Standish



RIHHA History

It all began in 2003, when two friends Susanne Dillon and Linda Carney thought it would be nice to have a setting of “like-minded” holistic healers to share their experiences gathered from healing sessions, meditations, and energy healings. That inspiration is what created the RI Holistic Healing Association (RIHHA) in 2004 which has grown into an astonishing community of healers of all kinds that network and share their modalities as well as business ideas.

Linda has since moved out of RI, leaving Susanne as the sole leader of RIHHA.  Under her tutelage, Susanne developed the RI Holistic Healers Awareness Day four years ago to broaden the public’s view on holistic healing modalities and alternative health products.

The 2014 Awareness Day was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick RI on Sunday October 19. The Grand Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza has been reserved for Sunday, October 18 for the 2015 RIHHA Awareness Day. Concurrent with the rise of interest in alternative healing, the event and the organization membership keeps expanding. Holistic Healing modalities currently represented at RIHHA include: energy healing, shamanic drum healing, Reiki, massage, color therapy, sound healing, aromatherapy, acupuncture, nutrition for wellness, life coaching and much more!


 PAST RIHHA board:  (left to right) Christene Gerardi, Cheryl Gaglione, A. Michelle Hogan, Linda Bowers, Susanne Dillon.

Awareness Expo

The Holistic Awareness Expo is an opportunity for Holistic Practitioners to share their skills with the public at large.

Visitors come from all corners of Rhode Island as well as neighboring states to experience the magic of Holistic Healing first hand. From all of the various modalities of healing to the long list of accredited speakers, the RIHHA Holistic Healing Expo is an event that is treasured by all who attend.

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