Reflexology Association of Rhode Island (RARI)

They have quarterly  meetings to discuss upcoming events, trainings, and Reflexology-related legislation. Their quarterly meetings also offer opportunities to network and help each reflexologist meet their individual needs for referrals, consultation, or socialization, because RARI serves as both a professional and a social organization. They are committed to the continuing education of our members. There are two major educational events each year that offer ARCB CEU’s.




Educational events




Co-founder of Crystalline Portal

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Practitioner

Seraphim Blueprint Practitioner

Holistic Intuitive Channel



Anjely’s intention is to be of service through self-empowerment and holistic practices. She works from an authentic, ethical, and embodied approach. Anjely is passionate about assisting individuals in their healing journey through catalyzing spiritual growth and evolution. Along her journey, Anjely was guided to study Crystals, Reiki, Angelic Healing, Card Readings, Intuitive work, Astrology, and Animal Energy Healing and Communication. She hopes to aid individuals in transforming and revitalizing their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects to allow for the RE-DISCOVERY of their true essence and into a higher vibrational embodiment.



Seraphim Blueprint Healing

Spiritual Guidance

Card Readings

Kristin Aurelia

Author · Writer · Publisher

 240- 927-3323



Kristin Aurelia grew up in a small town in New England. She obtained her MBA, M.A. in Human Resources Management and Instructional Design and B.S. in Psychology from Marymount University in Arlington, VA. She has spent much of her life studying and observing human behavior. She has made it her life’s mission to share experiences and bring wisdom and knowledge to the forefront of her works with the desire to help others along their journey.

Kristin is a messenger sent to spread light and love while creating unity. As she puts it, “We are ALL CHILDREN OF GOD…one collective consciousness…Surviving the Human Experience!”






Radio Show

Barbara Barlow

200 hrs Registered yoga teacher

 508- 930-9070


Barbara Barlow, is a 200hr registered yoga teacher, offering classes in Massachusetts. She has been practicing yoga for several years and became certified in October 2017. This journey led her into becoming Certified and Licensed as a Practitioner in Vibrational Sound Therapy and including USUI/Holy Fire III Reiki and Sound Healing Practitioner.  She believes in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and free of judgement. These feelings inform and guide her teachings and practice, which is focused on helping people better connect to themselves and their surroundings. She has a passion for helping others and bringing calmness and serenity into this fast paced society.

The Viniyoga method of yoga is based on the deep relationship between breath and movement, experiencing yoga from the inside out and providing a sound approach to practicing asana (yoga postures). The deep slow rhythmic breath that you will master naturally creates a calm and focused mind and reduces stress on the physiological level.

Using gongs, singing bowls, flutes and drums, Barbara joins Drumsinger A. Michelle to help the body, mind and spirit relax and heal. Years of professional experience and a number of instruments, sounds, and vocals create a distinctive healing session for each specific audience.

Vibrational Sound Therapy involves placing Therapeutic Singing bowls on or off the body combining a powerful vibration and sound to induce an immediate relaxed state. The sound waves move directly into the body along with soothing ambient tones in a strong modality where a person can go from a meditative state to deep relaxation.  The client and the practitioner maintain a spiritual connection through the sounds and vibrations of these bowls. Vibrational Sound Therapy is a modality/method of deep relaxation that can relieve stress, tension and anxiety and improve emotional health and well being.


Private sessions of Vibrational Sound Therapy.

Reiki Healing

Sound Healing.

Group/private Sound Baths.

Elaine Bellenoit, RMT

Director of Programs at Creatigo, LLC 


VIGUiR6qVQJ.png 401-935-2797


Creatigo provides academic support, holistic healing, and a community learning environment to help individuals and families navigate life, find creative solutions to everyday issues and create confidence in the expression of one’s authentic self.

In addition to overseeing programming, she creates and implements learning sessions that incorporate writing, art, music, movement, and the development of a connection with nature. Participants will use these tools to access inner wisdom and build connections with others. Elaine is an Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Ryoho Master and Integrated Energy Therapy® Intermediate Practitioner.

​Elaine earned an Associate Degree in Natural Resource Management at Sterling College in VT and is a strong proponent of nature as a healer. Elaine is a self-taught painter. She loves music and singing and likes to explore diverse music and culture. She studied piano and began journaling at an early age for self-discovery. Elaine’s purpose in life is to grow personally and spiritually and to be a great mom. Her specialty is setting people at ease and encouraging their growth.


Guided Playgroups (art, writing, and values) that incorporate critical thinking, creativity, expression of one’s authentic self, learning about energy, meditation, and more

Reiki sessions 

I.E.T.® sessions 

Card Reading

Sha Blackburn

The LoonWitch a psychic and holistic intuitive healer.

 508- 789-5141


Sha Blackburn is; The LoonWitch a psychic and holistic intuitive healer.  She incorporates a variety of psychic tools including the tarot, runes, the pendulum and psychometry to help her clients transform their lives.  She is an honest and insightful psychic, who has been studying and practicing various forms of divination for over 30 years.

Sha is also a Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing, a Holistic Therapist certified by the American Institute of Natural Healing in Reflexology, Acupressure, and Chinese Herbology.  In addition, Sha is an  ordained minister through the Universal Life Church and a practicing Shaman following teachings from Native American traditions as well as the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Sha has been teaching about the Tarot, the Aura, and Witchcraft for many years.  She has experience teaching at many adult education centers in New England, and also offers all of her workshops online.The LoonWitch was a guest on WFHN – Fun107’s Free Fortune Friday for 12 years!

She can be heard annually on Jimmy Church’s Fade To Black as the special Halloween Guest and has been a guest on various radio and local cable programs. And formerly co-hosted Spiritual Awakenings on WSAR 1480am as well as hosting her own show Celebrate Success with Sha on the Spiritual Guidance Network Radio.


Tarot Reading

Rune Reading

Yearly Forecast Reading

Spiritual Guidance

Reiki Healing

Shamanic Healing

Spell Consultation

Aura Photo (In person only)

Linda Boutilier

Licensed Social Worker , Psychotherapist


Linda Boutilier, LICSW has been a psychotherapist working with clients of all ages for over 30 years.  She has always been drawn to new and innovative ways of helping her client’s heal from traumatic experiences.  Linda believes that not only is it possible for everyone to heal, but that healing is our soul’s sacred purpose.  Once we let go of old wounds, we are available to live more fully and to share our divine sparks with the world.

Linda discovered energy work more than 15 years ago while studying Reiki, Specialized Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, and Energy Psychology.  Today, she works with several different modes of Energy Psychology, including EFT, EMDR, and the Tapas Acupressure Technique.  These methods combine the wisdom of Chinese Medicine with biofield therapies, to allow for holistic healing that traditional psychotherapies are not able to provide.  Linda is also fascinated by the advances in neuroscience that show that the brain can change at any age.

As a life-long seeker, Linda continues to expand her own consciousness by exposing herself to cutting edge information and new techniques that inspire her work.  She is exited to share what she is learning with others on a similar path, so she is offering classes in Energy Medicine, Tapping on Meridian Points, Conscious Parenting and Creating Awakened Families.  These classes promote body/mind/spirit growth and allow participants to facilitate their own healing.



Energy Psychology, including EFT,


Tapas Acupressure Technique


Energy Medicine

Tapping on Meridian Points,

Conscious Parenting and Creating Awakened Families.

Dr. Candida Castillo

Biological Dentist, Holistic Dentist




As a dedicated biological dentist with 25+ years of experience, Dr. Castillo certainly knows a thing or two about transforming patients’ lives for the better! In fact, she’s been named Rhode Island’s Top Dentist by RI Monthly Magazine 7 years in a row. She loves being able to work closely with individuals on their dental health, their overall health, and the critical connection between mouth and body that influences both.

Dr. Castillo achieved her dental doctorate at Boston University. Since then, she has achieved several Fellowships due to her dedication and commitment to lifelong learning, including with the Academy of General Dentistry and International Dental Implant Association. She has completed The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) post-master’s program at Boston University. She additionally has her Biological Certification through the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine and her SMART Certification through the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

To this day, she continues to pursue new education opportunities through prestigious organizations like the Dawson Academy, Ozone Therapy Group and Spear Education.

Holistic, or biological, dentistry focuses on how the body and mouth affect each other and finding alternative, natural treatment solutions. Traditional dental services like biannual cleanings are still performed, of course, but we also take the time to consider all of the different aspects of your lifestyle and the way if factors into your health.

By carefully considering your diet, habits, lifestyle, and other factors, we can narrow down the root cause of your oral health issues and suggest simple changes you can make to protect yourself. Our office offers, extractions, white fillings restorations, mercury free restorations, mercury safe removal, bridges, crown, veneers, cosmetic dentistry and second opinion consultation.


Holistic General Dentistry,

Ozone Therapy,

PRF/PRP Treatment;

Ceramic Implant,

Digital Xray,

Cone Bean Xrays

Mercury Safe Removal

All dental general and traditional services 

Karyn Chabot

Founder/Owner of Sacred Stone School & Center
Ayurveda Consultant, Educator and Practitioner




Karyn is an Author, Mystic and the Owner of Sacred Stone School in Newport, RI since 1999. Ayurveda Consultant, Educator and Practitioner |  Vedic Astrology Counselor | Mystical Card Science Instructor | Columnist | Energy Medicine Intuitive | Yoga & Licensed Massage Therapist | Zumba Instructor

She graduated from The Ayurvedic Institute New Mexico in 1997, where she studied with the renowned Ayurvedic physician, Dr. Vasant Lad. Two years earlier she had graduated from Goddard College with a BS in Health & Wellness Sciences. Her studies have included two years at the Maharishi University in Vedic Science and Meditation at the master’s level, and another year at Goddard College to gain her Master’s degree in Holistic Ayurvedic Medicine. She studied Shamanism with Annette Burke and Energy Medicine in Quantum Touch. She appeared on Fox TV Living Better Channel, published many industry articles, e-books and DVDs on Healing and Mysticism. She has also completed graduate work at Universal Massage Therapeutics of New Mexico in 1997 and became a licensed massage therapist and nationally certified yoga teacher. With over 18 years of study in Jyotish (Vedic) astrology and the Mystical Astrology Card Science.



Ayurvedic Health Consultation 

Ayurvedic massage 

Vedic astrology

Meditation, Yoga, 

Wellness Products

Susan Catherine

Intuitive Energy Light Worker

Susan Catherine, has done energy work since 1987. She has been given the gift of clairsentience, the ability to read invisible energy patterns in the human body through light touch. She translates unconscious energy patterns into specific information for the conscious mind. The work focuses on the deep aspects of the core self, the soul center and the blocks which manifest in the body. Often detecting childhood issues, she assists in the process of breaking through the barriers of old belief systems.

Every human carries emotional, mental patterns within our muscles, organs and skeletal systems as well as the auric field itself. Recognizing past wounds and opening our highest heart to ourselves creates the deepest healing.

After 12 years of working as a professional actress and 35 years of energy work, she has created a unique approach towards shifting long held Mind/Body energy patterns. She currently works with private clients, does workshops on empowerment, has written, produced three plays, 2 short films, and 4 books on the healing process.


Reality Toolkit Tutoring

Personalized Coaching

Table Work


Roland Comtois

Spiritual Medium

Inspirational Speaker


Roland Comtois has over 45 years of experience with his unique abilities and spiritual connections culminating in a multifaceted career including, Internationally Acclaimed Channel & Spiritual Psychic Medium known for prewritten messages on his Signature Purple Papers; Public Speaker; Spiritual Teacher; Best-Selling Author of ‘And Then There Was Heaven’,  16 Minutes’, ‘Signs of Spirit’and Star of the one man stage show, ‘Heaven the Experience’ and most recently his spiritual journeys as a gifted visionary artist.

Roland’s impact from his dedicated service led by love is life-changing as he shares hope, insight, and inspiration only in the way he can with his worldwide audiences.


Spiritual Medium 



Kathy Costa

Oracle Card and Medium Readings


Certified Herbalist



Kathy offers compassionate and alternative forms of healing and spiritual growth and guidance including Reiki, Medium readings, Psychometry (form of Medium readings where we get impressions from a photograph or from their belongings (license, jacket, toy, gloves, etc.)), Psychic/card readings, Past Life Regression sessions, classes, and workshops in and around the Tiverton, RI and Fall River, MA area, and throughout the area. Rev Kathy is available for readings in person, by phone, Skype, or Zoom. She is available for private or group readings, house parties, private and even corporate events! She can also be available for mediumship gallery, presentations, or fundraisers.

Kathy performs weddings, funerals, baptisms, and baby blessings of all kinds. She is a Certified Herbalist and can help you with all your health needs, and she can bless your house because of a new move, unsettling in the house, or for any reason. She always had the gift of foresight and being able to contact loved ones that have crossed over since she was a young girl. She started her professional work with Oracle Card and Medium Readings, and it has grown since.



Sound healing




Tarot & Oracle card readings

Loren Correia

Therapeutic Healing Session



Nurture is a destination for hearts that are in need of healing, minds that are in need of clearing, and bodies that are in need of replenishing. Owner, Loren Correia has over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. She is an intuitive spiritual empath and love helping others! Her journey into holistic wellness started by becoming a massage therapist, she found that the physical body is just one piece of the wellness puzzle. It’s crucial to connect the mind and spirit with the physical body. She expanded her knowledge of holistic health and became a Reiki Master, certified yoga instructor (trained in Jivamukti yoga), and certified sound and vibrational therapy. Over the years, she has created her signature service the Therapeutic Healing Session. The ultimate mind/body/spirit connection session leaves you physically relaxed and spiritually replenished.


Oracle Card Readings

Medium Readings

Reiki Sessions

House Blessings/Removal of spirits

Past Life Regression

Munay Ki Rites Class

13th Rite, Rite of the Womb

All reiki level classes 

Other Services


Kendra DiMino

Individual and couples therapist



In private practice since 2009 and Certified in Relational Life Therapy since 2012, Kendra DiMino provides therapy for couples and individual adults out of her office in Cranston, RI. She is a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional, who is passionate about teaching clients a holistic perspective to optimize their mental health and in supporting them to integrate mind, body and spirit.

She is trained in Solutioned Focused therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and is a Pet Loss and Grief Counseling Trained Professional. Kendra is a committed life-long learner, always reading and studying to sharpen her skills and learn new ways of helping her clients.

To that end, she has spent years studying trauma informed treatment, mindfulness, Relational Life Therapy, spiritual psychology, and is a practitioner of yoga, user of essential oils, and a receiver of a variety of integrative and Eastern medicine practices, including energy treatments, acupuncture and body work. Kendra received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Saint Anselm College and Master’s degree in Social Work from Rhode Island College.


Individual and Couples Thearpy

Paul DiSegna



Somatic Body work



Paul is a native of Providence, Rhode Island and am following my purpose in life (after being in the business world for over 30 years) to teach and learn love, compassion and humility. His training is by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D of the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. Roland M. Comtois and Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D of Strozzi Institute.He is a Shaman Practitioner, Reiki Master – Shamanic Reiki Practitioner and Certified Somatic Coach.

He has been trained by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D, well known for creating a therapeutic modality known as depth hypnosis and for establishing the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. In addition, he studied under Roland M. Comtois, internationally acclaimed channel and Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D, founder of Strozzi work and President of the Strozzi Institute most noted for his work as a national speaker, coach and consultant on leadership mastery. Currently he is a Shaman Practitioner, Reiki Master-Shamanic Reiki Practitioner and Certified Somatic Coach.

His purpose and focus is to teach and learn –love, compassion and humility.”



Usui Reiki Master

Shaman Practitioner

Soul Retrievals

Power Retrievals

Strozzi Certified Somatic Coach

Space Clearing

Susanne Dillon

Founder and originator of RIHHA

Founder of Dowsing Institute

Genius Insight Biofeedback App Facilitator

Young Living Essential Oils distributor

 401 644 8118



Founder and originator of the Rhode Island Holistic Healing Association, Susanne Dillon started (RIHHA) in January 2004 with Linda Carney, who moved to Seattle, WA, in August of that year. Susanne deserves allot of credit for establishing RIHHA and continues to give her all for this wonderful organization as she has done for 14 years.

Susanne is a facilitator for the Genius Insight Biofeedback App.  and a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.  She is a life member of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD), and for a number of years ran the raffle at ASD’s convention to raise funds for Water for Humanity.

Susanne offers Energy Sessions which include a variety of tools and touch. She is a seasoned public speaker and presents her information with warmth and knowledge. Her caring and devotion shines through in every meeting.

Presently, Susanne along with Sue Corrigan have founded the Dowsing Institute:  Intention, Tools,  Health.  They are offering a series of Level 1 and Level 2 classes.



Essential Oils


Nichaporn Drinkwine

Owner of Healing Thai Massage LLC





Since 2008, Nicha has been practicing Thai Massage Therapy full-time. Born in Thailand, Nicha grew a strong admiration for the art of Thai Massage throughout her upbringing and decided to pursue a career in the United States after working in Thailand as a Traditional Thai Massage Therapist for five years. Nicha holds the credentials of Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Thai Bodywork Specialist, and Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist from her intensive training at the Newport Massage School, Sacred Stone Academy for Massage and Ayurveda, and the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

Nichaporn Drinkwine is: Owner of Healing Thai Massage LLC

American Massage Championships 2023

Silver in FreeStyle Massage (Eastern) Bronze in Asian Massage

USA Nuad Thai (Thai Massage) Championship 2023

Bronze in Traditional Thai Massage Bronze in Facial Massage


Traditional Thai Massage

Thai foot massage

Thai style deep tissue massage

Alison Dwyer APRN BC

Advanced practice Nurse (APRN) with Board Certification in Psychiatry.



Alison is an Advanced practice Nurse (APRN) with Board Certification in Psychiatry. She has been trained in the fields of medicine/nursing, education, psychology and alternative/ complementary care. Her experience has included a fellowship in psychiatry with Harvard-Vanguard in Boston, owning and operating an integrative wellness center in RI, and teaching on the collegiate level.  She has many years of experience working with individuals from childhood through later life and also loves to work with couples.

As a very skilled therapist and trained in multiple forms of treatment she uses various therapy modalities like EMDR, CBT, Trauma, Depth Hypnosis, Inner Child and Family of Origin work, addiction and recovery, and spirituality as well.

Her philosophy for healing embraces the view that each person is unique and deserving of compassionate care that is based on the person’s goals and vision for health. Integrative healing involves the whole person- body, mind, spirit and the environment one lives and works in.


CranioSacral Therapy (CST),  Reiki, Integrated Kabbalistic Healing/Non-Dual Kabalistic Healing, Yoga Therapeutics

Medication Management, Herbal Therapy, Psychotherapy, EMDR, Nutritional Counseling, Stress Reduction Techniques

Transformational  Life Coaching.

Raffaele Gianfrancesco

Healing through Light, Sound & Vibration



Raffaele is a Reiki Master, a Master Energy Healing Practitioner , Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Certified Meditation Trainer, and a Certified Neurofeedback Provider. He comes to the healing work as a result of decades of helping himself and others, overcome the pain and suffering, that many of us face every day.




Energy Healing

Energy Body Clearing

Trauma Informed Healing

Brain Pattern Retraining & Rewiring


Mary Hamm

Reiki Master


Mary Hamm is a reiki Master, train under Sue Corrigan.


Reiki Healing

Catherine Hanson

Elemental Health


VIGUiR6qVQJ.png 401-741-0853

Graduate of Holistic Counseling program, Salve Regina, LMHC in 2012, University of RI, BSN 1998, Community College of RI ADN, 1994. My interest in holistic healing let me to become a certified hypnotherapist 2012, 500 hr certified yoga instructor, studies in Herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and more recently sound healing and studying the elements In more detail.




Nutritional Counseling

Kerry Harling

Ayurveda Practitioner 

Integrative medicine




 The Holistic Highway:University of Pittsburgh Center for Integrative Medicine

Kerry Harling, Founder and CEO of The Holistic Highway is a globally recognized leader in the field of integrative medicine and the science of health known as Ayurveda. She is passionate about raising awareness for the need for a change in contemporary medicine that focuses on patient empowerment and a personalized and preventative medical system. Kerry practices at The University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Integrative Medicine and remains a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine where she has developed a personalized system to manage chronic disorders by incorporating fundamental changes in diet, behavior, and stress while focusing on genetics. This individualized program is so successful that many of her clients have achieved maximum healing and vitality after years of chronic problems.

Kerry is an author of the 25-Day Ayurveda Cleanse, published by Macmillan which can be found in Barnes and Nobles, Books a Million, independent book stores and Amazon. She has degrees in Neuroscience and graduate degrees in Ayurveda and Science Education. With her former career as a college professor teaching the biological sciences, she is a well sought after speaker in medical schools, and health conferences and is author of her signature Ted Talk, “Why We Need to Change our Healthcare System”.


Ayurvedic Health Consultation 

Transformational Wellness Programs

Ayurvedic Meal plans

Allison Holaday

Medicine Woman





Allison’s spiritual awakening journey has been long and meaningful but dramatically intensified after going through 3 near-death experiences in this lifetime. Her spiritual gifts were further awakened after these transformative experiences. She has since learned that she was a Medicine Woman and healer in many past lives.

Once Allison experienced these near-death experiences she knew she had to share her many gifts and live humbly in service to others. She recognized on a very deep level the power that comes from energy and intention, and she committed to sharing that power with others who were suffering from a variety of emotional wounds, physical discomfort, and spiritual pain.

As Allison helps others, her gifts and access to spiritual tools continue to expand exponentially. She is the grateful founder of Energy Release Therapy (ERT), a powerful channeled Shamanic Native American healing modality that allows her to “pull” trapped energy from people using an ancient technique and understanding gathered from centuries of wisdom. 

Allison is an Indigenous intuitive master medicine woman with 18,000 years of wisdom to tap into each individual and heal whatever needs to be released. She is also a medium, seer, animal communicator, reiki master, spiritual ascension teacher, public speaker, galactic energy master, and more. She is committed to keeping the focus always on unconditional love which is the truth of who and what we are meant to be.

Allison helps her clients to break unhealthy habits, aids in repairing relationship bonds and experiencing new levels of personal healing satisfaction and helps people connect with a better understanding of the needs of their loving animals.

Allison’s individualized treatment approach is specifically tailored to the needs of each client to make sure they have the healing that feels best for them. Time and again she has seen the incredible transcendent power of her treatments change lives. 


Blended Healing, Energy Release Therapy

Galactic Energy Healing

Animal Communication & Healing

Past Life Healing & Information

In-Person Group Healings

In-Person Mediumship Group

Spiritual Assistance with Passing

Gina Colvario Krupka

Licensed Religious Science Minister

Life Coach



Gina is the founder of Believe in You Today, a certified life coach, published author of three books and a motivational speaker with over 25 years of experience in speaking, coaching, training and workshop facilitation. Her passion is helping people realize their potential and live happy and fulfilled lives and is available for private life or spiritual coaching, trainings and workshops.

Gina Colvario Krupka, is blessed to be a wife, proud mother of two and grandmother of four.
She has received her Certificate of Ministerial Education from the Holmes Institute -School of Consciousness Studies and the School of Spiritual Leadership and is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner. She is the Spiritual Director of CSL Greater Boston; which meets every Sunday both in person and virtually on NTMN.

She is a passionate team leader & builder with infectious enthusiasm and an unwavering commitment to developing individuals to their greatest potential.

Gina brings to her clients over 25 years of experience in peer, team and community development.

She has received her BS degree in Administration and Management from Boston University, and has been recognized with the Saturn Award for teamwork for her participation in the development and implementation of curriculums for high school and college peer-leadership groups.

Gina is a graduate of the Life Coach Institute, and earned her Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM), the highest designation from Toastmasters International.  She is the past president of two Toastmaster Clubs, the East Bay Toastmasters Club in East Providence, RI and the Advanced Orators Club in Foxboro, MA, District 31, past Area G1 Governor and past club mentor to the RI Advanced Toastmasters Club.

She is an accomplished author and speaker and has delivered numerous professional presentations, seminars, workshops and conferences to audiences ranging from children to adults on a variety of topics.


Life Coach

Corporate Training

Personal Development

Public Speaking

Motivational Speaker

Jessica Liggero

Holistic Health Practitioner & SIBO Practitioner



Jessica Liggero is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and specializes in SIBO. SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) is a functional GI condition that causes bloating, poor digestion, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, burping, fatigue and all of those other fun things. She has completed her SIBO Practitioner trainings with Dr. Nirala Jacobi and Dr. Allison Siebecker. Jessica is also the founder of Rebalance Your Routine™ a Holistic Health Coaching Service that focuses on improving Gut Health and Detoxification by making changes to your daily routine and incorporating the best herbal supplements for your individual needs. Jessica has a background as a former competitive boxer (NASM -CPT) and is also a fine artist. She views life as a continuous healing journey and likes to inspire others to include physical activity and creativity as part of their regular routine to help process trauma and maintain balance. Rebalance Your Routine™ is based in the Greater Boston Area, and most services are conducted through zoom.


Gut Healing Plans

SIBO Management

Heavy Metal Testing and Detoxification

GAPS Diet Coaching

Healthy Eating Fitness Professional & Educator

Creativity Coaching

Motivational Speaker

Bonnie Luther

Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner,

Zentangle Method Teacher

Reiki Master/Teacher



Bonnie Luther is the founder and designer of Bonnie Lee’s Creations. Her love of crystals, stones and rocks started at a very early age and has only grown over the decades. Her pursuit into any information available has led her to acquiring certifications as a crystal healer, an advanced crystal practitioner and a crystal master. She’s knowledgeable in using crystals, stones and rocks with grids, elixirs, Reiki, essential oils, alchemy, energy healing, Feng Shui and divination. Delving into the area of energy healing inspired her to also learn mindfulness practices such as mudras and the Zentangle Method.

Certifications include Zentangle Teacher, Crystal Master, Crystal Healer, Advanced Crystal Practitioner, Stone Grid Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Usui and Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher, Mudra Teacher, Angel Guide, Tarot and Angel Card Reader

She also teaches classes in Reiki, crystals, and in using the Zentangle Method to relax and focus. She offers private lessons and group workshops.

See Other Classes for available subjects.



Crystal Healing and Journey Guidance

Hand-Crafted Jewelry crystal grids wands and trees

Archangels 101

Reiki Session

All Levels Reiki Certification

Manifesting with Sigils

Zentangle Methods and Classes

Dr. Victoria Malchar



For over 35 years, Dr. Victoria E. Malchar has been a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician whom specializes in Applied Kinesiology and Total Body Modification. Malchar Chiropractic & Wellness Center, in Warwick, RI is known for the impressive range of in-house care solutions; ranging from chiropractic care to therapeutic services with energetic frequencies to help the body heal naturally. Dr. Malchar dedicates her time, skill, and practice to help all patients achieve optimum health daily.


Chiropractic Care

Holistic Wellness

Geri Marandola

Certified Reflexologist

Reiki Master



Geri Marandola is a Certified Reflexologist and a Reiki Master. She has been practicing reflexology for sixteen years and continues to study and participate in workshops, advancing her skills and acquiring quite a tool box of techniques!

Her core training came from the Universal Method of Reflexology with Teri Magnan; Father Josef Eugster; and Bill Flocco’s method of integrated foot, hand and ear reflexology. She finds that working all three reflexology maps on hands, ears and feet-during the same session provides better results than doing just one area.  Benefits occur sooner and last longer when you work all three areas.  Her unique way of incorporating reflexology and Reiki gives her clients lasting results.

Geri has been doing reflexology at the North Kingstown Senior Center for 14 years, one day a week, for a small fee.

To stay motivated with her practice, She joined the Reflexology Association of R.I. (RARI) in 2004, became a board member for seven years and in July 2019 she was elected Vice President.


Ear reflexology

Hand reflexology

Foot reflexology

Relaxing herbal foot soak

Hot stone reflexology

Rob Martin

Rolf Bodyworks



Rob has been a therapeutic bodyworker for over twenty-one years. His primary focus is on assisting individuals in realizing their inherent healing potential by manipulating their fascial structure and encouraging movement. This technique intentionally disrupts the existing structure, preventing it from reverting to its original pattern. This temporary state of chaos prompts the body to react, utilizing gravity and its innate ability to self-organize, ultimately establishing a new, more efficient order. This transformative process involves a shift in one’s perception of reality, leading to a different state of being. This concept of perturbation holds universal significance across natural systems.

In Rob’s approach, the emphasis is not on adhering to the “no pain, no gain” mantra. Instead, the perturbation he induces must be potent enough to facilitate change while ensuring that the client does not withdraw from the treatment. It’s described as a dance, where dialogue and physical manipulation work together to awaken the individual gradually, fostering increased awareness.

The lasting impact of this approach is attributed to the heightened awareness of how it feels to inhabit one’s own body. This heightened self-awareness contributes to changes that endure for years, if not decades.


Therapeutic Massage

Rolf Method Structural Integration

Corrective Bodyworks

Scar work

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Abdominal Massage

Somatic Bodywork

Workshops and Classes

Jeannine M Martins, MS,CCC-SLP

Certified and Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist

Shamanic/ Sacred Arts Practitioner

Certified Sound Practitioner

Systemic Family Constellation Facilitator


Jeannine is a certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist of 27 years who is also an energy worker. She is a graduate of the 4 year Mystery School/Shaman program through the Lynn V Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training and is certified as a Spiritual Intuitive Healer. It was during her training that she discovered that she is considered to be an energy dancer and a seer which enables her to locate and follow the energy within a person’s body to help facilitate movement for energetic cleansing. She currently owns her own private practice, Resonate Within, LLC, focused on assisting others in learning how to find their own power and heal themselves and gets tremendous happiness from supporting others on their path. Within her practice Jeannine uses her certification as a Sound Healing Practitioner to offer healings related to vibrational attunements, sound baths and sound journeying.

She also incorporates her Shamanic practices to facilitate emotional and energetic cleansings with a speciality in working with newborns and infants who may have experienced a challenging birth process. In these sessions she cleanses and clears any areas of trauma related to the birthing process. She finds great joy in working with those just entering the world and helping them to adjust to their ‘new’ lives. She is also comfortable with the opposite end of the spectrum with end of life healings as well.

Additionally, Jeannine is a trained Systemic Family Constellation Facilitator who enjoys working with individuals one-on-one virtually, or in person, to address issues related to family systems. This approach is powerful as Jeannine uses it to connect in with the ancestors to reveal old patterns, beliefs and relationships that may be causing strife, hardships or difficulties in our lives. This approach works with the ‘Knowing Field’ and connects with each individual’s ‘Family System’ to reveal where energy may be entangled or merged with their ancestors.


Spiritual Intuitive Healer,

Certified Sound Healing Practitioner,


Systemic Family Constellation Facilitator

Ho’oponopono Certification,

Advanced Belief Clearing Practitioner,

Shamanic cleansings,

Newborn energy clearing for traumatic birthing,

Sacred Art Creation, Channeling,

Shaman’s Touch Healing,

Meditation Training,

HeartMath Certification

Lisa Medley, MA, CMT

Embodiment Education




Lisa Medley, MA, CMT believes as we create more love in the body, we create more love in the world. She serves as an Vitality & Holistic Expert, Body Relationship Peacemaker, and Embodiment Passionista. Lisa has over 20 years in the healing arts including a range of holistic wellness modalities, dance and movement, expressive arts, life coaching, and trauma education. In short, Lisa is a body geek. She offers a range of simple tools, revitalizing practices, and transformational programs to empower clients reclaim their body wisdom, take charge of their wellbeing, and create a sustainable, easeful lifestyle, so they can shine their light!


Nervous System Regulation Specialist

Restoration Lifestyle Expert

Body Relationship Mentorship

Dance & Movement Facilitator

Embodied Spirituality Guide

ASTRID M. Meijer

Certified Akashic Records Consultant



Astrid first discovered her empathic abilities, and the excitement of connecting to other realms, as a young girl when she heard voices speaking to her. Later in life, she recognized her abilities to channel spirit, and has served Source as a Medium and Certified Akashic Records Consultant since then. She assists her clients in healing pain & self-limiting beliefs, releasing soul contracts & vows from other lifetimes, as well as connecting with loved ones in Spirit through the practice of psychometry.

Astrid shines her brightest when serving the well-being & evolution of Humanity, of all living Beings, of our sacred and healing Water, and of Mother Earth Gaia. Now, more urgently than ever, it is time for lightening the loads we’ve each carried for so many life times. NOW is the time for FULL Glorious TRANSFORMATION & LIBERATION! Are you ready to… Explore disheartening dysfunctional dynamics in your relationships? Understand the genesis of your unresolved issues & repetitive ‘holding’ patterns? Delve into your Soul’s yearning & give birth to your full potential?

Astrid offers sessions at her home in Providence, over Skype, and various events & locations.


Akashic Reading, Akashic Clearing & Soul Healing, Messages from Another You, 

Past Life Healing, Soul Contract & Vow Release

Psychic Mediumship, Psychometry Readings,

Intuitive Energy Healing


Lisa Milich


Lisa is a catalyst for visionary leaders, creatives and changemakers. With over 20+ years as a corporate executive, organizational strategist, accredited coach, trainer, facilitator and artist, she has conducted thousands of hours of coaching, and co-created hundreds of groups, teams, organizational and community interactions utilizing a whole-systems thinking approach with evidence-based methodologies.

She is highly gifted in guiding and aligning the power of people, organizations, and purpose as a force for good in the world. Her innate superpower is her incredible intuition, foresight, and ability to tap into what is needed to help improve and revolutionize a leader’s perspective, enhance their effectiveness and catalyze their overall well-being. Her unconditional approach touches people’s hearts and minds, inspiring and motivating deep change.


Reiki Healing

Business Consulting

Leadership Coaching

Mindfulness Facilitation

Team & Group Coaching

Life Coaching

Horse Boarding

Horseback Riding

Horse Training

Tara Monteiro

Certified Transformation Specialist,




As a certified transformation specialist, Tara offers a variety of individualized solutions for weight management, energy, muscle building and overall health and wellness ranging from glowing skin and joint health to improvement of cognitive functioning and sleep management. She works with people of all ages including children, adults, athletes, and senior community members looking to add value to their daily living. Consultations are always free as we work collaboratively to find a solution to enhanced quality of life and wellbeing.


Weight Management and Wellness

Nutritional Coaching

World-class products for weight management, energy, muscle building and recovery

Personal training

Licensed LCSW

Jill S. Moretti, APRN, CNS

Licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Clinical Nurse Specialist



Jill S. Moretti, APRN, CNS is a licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and a Clinical Nurse Specialist whose career spans 40 years, 25 of which have involved specializing in adult psychiatric/mental health nursing. She is a graduate of both the University of Wisconsin and the University of Rhode Island. She utilizes psychotherapy and psychopharmacology (prescriptive authority) in her evaluation and treatment of adults ages 18 through the lifespan. She is a Certified Public Health Nurse who has worked in a variety of clinical areas including consultation to both hospitals and long term care settings. Her areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, mood and personality disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and panic disorder.


 Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology


Linda Nugent

Sound Therapy Practitioner 

Reiki Master Teacher




Linda Nugent is a graduate of the Polarity Institute in Massachusetts. She studied biology and graphic design as an undergraduate and her arts and science background forged an interest in the mind-body connection. She is a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist, polarity practitioner, reiki master, and yoga instructor. She previously practiced in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Colorado.

Prior to her massage training, Linda was a graphic artist and directed her talents to design outreach programs for hospitals in Rhode Island. She has worked with cancer patients, maternity departments, and wellness and fitness centers before coming to It’s My Health.

While keeping a very clinical approach to her work she frequently incorporates subtle therapies using aromatherapy, sound, and crystals. Linda has recently stopped practicing massage but continues with SOUND THERAPY SESSIONS, REIKI SESSIONS AND CLASSES, and ASTROLOGY READINGS



Reiki Classes,

Workshops in Subtle anatomy

Astrology Classes

Greg Bonin Olney

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master Instructor

Theta Healer

Reiki Master

Past Life Reader/Healings



Reiki, IET, Shambala, Theta Healings as well as past life readings.

IET Integrated Energy Therapy classes





Theta Healings

Past life readings

IET Integrated Energy Therapy classes

Lyanne Perras




Lyanne Perras is a dedicated individual with a lifelong passion for health and wellness. Following a diagnosis of celiac disease several years ago, she embarked on a mission to understand its underlying causes. To pursue her goal of helping others achieve better health, she enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, earning her certification as a health coach. Over the past two decades, she has immersed herself in extensive research and exploration of various health modalities.

In 2021, Lyanne faced profound personal losses, including her stepmother, father, and a cherished friend, all succumbing to cancer. In the midst of her grief, she sought guidance from her late father and angel guides regarding her future path. She recognized her enduring desire to make a positive impact on people’s health and realized that a career change was essential for her own happiness.

Soon after this revelation, Lyanne stumbled upon an enlightening interview featuring Jason Shurka and Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. As she absorbed their work and Dr. Michael’s creations, she knew she had found her calling. Her determination crystallized into a vision: she needed to establish a center dedicated to helping as many people as possible.

Since that fateful day, Lyanne has been diligently working on her vision. Her husband, Michael, has been a pillar of support throughout this transformative journey. Her sons, Cody and Coltin, have also stood by her side, enthusiastically supporting this exciting adventure. Lyanne is eagerly anticipating the opening of Quantum Energy Wellness.

Quantum Energy Wellness is conveniently located in West Warwick, Rhode Island. It serves as a haven for healing and well-being, offering EEsystem sessions and a range of other healing modalities to support individuals on their journey to better health.


The Energy Enhancement System

Raindrop therapy

Ionic foot bath

Amethyst biomat/bio acoustic mat

Atomizer diffuser

Michelle Petersen

Healing Touch Practitioner



Healing touch is a heart based energy therapy that clears, connects and balances the human energy system. It is a light hands on or hands off approach that uses techniques to support the body, mind and spirit placing you in a position to self heal.

I am a highly sensitive person, a space holder, nature lover and my soul’s purpose is to maintain a high frequency of love so I may serve others the best that I can.


Healing Touch Therapy 

Energy Healing

Elizabeth Phinney

The Aging Coach

VIGUiR6qVQJ.png 401-635-4462



Elizabeth Phinney specializes in inspiring women to recognize the control they have over their aging and how to better understand the Mind-Body Partnership that we all have. She created BodSpir® Meditative Strength Training for Fitness After Forty Five™ and has been an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer since 2000. She holds Specialty Certifications with ACE for Fitness Nutrition, Older Adult Fitness and Weight Management. She is a long-standing Associate Member of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Her book Thrive to 95 and Beyond – Taking Control of your Aging Journey was released in August 2023 and is filled with tips and techniques on how to control your aging.

It has been shown time and time again that people will not successfully change their behavior for the long term unless there is emotion involved. The F.I.T. (Fitness Inspiration Transformation) Workshop™ connects you to that place in your heart where you will find the inspiration unique to you that takes you from, “I should exercise” or “I should eat better” to “I want to!!” You will be guided through step by step techniques on how to change your behavior with the healthier options you know you should be. making.

Elizabeth’s Books:



F.I.T workshops

Personal BodSpir Programs 



Melissa Picard

Holistic Psychotherapist

Reiki Master Teacher

 508- 951-9828


Melissa has received training in a variety of holistic techniques and marries her clinical skills and holistic knowledge into one comprehensive treatment, Intuitive Therapy.  This approach encompasses the whole person, addresses any current distress and utilizes each person’s unique gifts and internal resources to bring about the healing process.  Treatment is individualized and catered to every client.  Other services include: Professional trainings for staff and managers,  Therapeutic Empowerment Workshops, Past Life Regression Sessions, Ordained Minister offering services for weddings, funerals, infant blessings and meditation instruction and groups.


Intuitive Therapy

Professional trainings for staff and managers, 

Therapeutic Empowerment Workshops,

Past Life Regression Sessions,

Ordained Minister offering services for weddings, funerals, infant blessings and meditation instruction and groups.

Vandana Pitke

Certified Homeopath

Managing Director RIHHA



Vandana Pitke is a Board certified homeopath . Certified by the council of homeopathy in the USA. Vandana is a managing director of Rhode Island Holistic Healers Association.

She has done her graduation in homeopathy (BHMS) from Pune University, one of the  prestigious universities in India. BHMS is a five and half yrs medical degree program in Homeopathy.

She has done her masters in psychological counseling from IBMS, India. 

Vandana Pitke is a highly skilled homeopath with a passion for homeopathy and holistic healing. With 18 years of experience in her practice, Vandana has built a solid reputation as a most compassionate, empathetic, and very knowledgable homeopath. Her dedication to excellence, combined with her knowledge of Eastern and Vedic philosophy plus integration of many holistic modalities make her a sought-after homeopath and holistic healer. 

Being a keen observer, her in-depth and detailed holistic assessments of the clients and well contemplated personalized treatment plans speak all about her homeopathic and holistic practice. The First session itself leaves the client feel heard, empowered and positive about their health, healing and wellbeing.

Vandana is a regular contributor to holistic health magazines; Natural awakenings Greater Boston and Rhode Island Wellness guide.

As a passionate educator she teaches many classes on Homeopathy and other modalities she commonly uses in her practice.

She runs a parents support group who use homeopathy for self prescriptions at home for acute and minor disease conditions.

She also leads an Action for Happiness group, Mindfulness Meditation program and Vedic/ spiritual teachings facilitator.

She has a proven track record of treating many complicated chronic cases and she also tries to be available for acute consults most of the times.


Homeopathy Consultations

Homeopathy Classes

Flower essence Classes

Lifestyle Coaching

Karan Phillips

Usui Master Teacher

BTB Feng Shui facilitator




 Creative Chi

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing. RMT Karan Phillips uses a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of RMT Karan Phillips to the client in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.


Feng shui Facilitator

Oracle Card Reader


Linda Eklof Read

Holistic Nurse

Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher


 401- 397- 7338


Linda Eklof Read BSN, MA Ed,  has specialty training in Cardiology, Diabetes, Stress Management and Health and Wellness Education.  She has completed programs in Holistic Nursing, Child Development, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Being an Effective Change Agent.  She is a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Hypnotherapist. Linda’s passion is to help people develop skills for self-care, health and wellness.


Spirit ReiKi Treatments

Meditation Training

Stress Management Education

Hypnotherapy Sessions for personal healing, ancestral healing and spirit release

 New Moon Holistic Community Gatherings

Deborah Radcliff, M.Ed., RMT

Founder & Owner of Creatigo, LLC



Deborah provides a creative, realistic approach to healing. and learning. Whether she is guiding a training for a group or individual healing session she combines tools from all aspects of her experience. From the traditional sphere, Deborah has a Master’s in Education, B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies, and certified Special Educator K-12. Deborah has taught children of all ages and skill levels throughout her career from PreK through high school. She enjoys collaborating with children, parents, and teachers.

Holistically, Deborah is a Shaman Practitioner, Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Level Instructor, Theta Healer, Aromatherapist, and Akashic Record Practitioner.

Creatigo provides academic support, holistic healing, and a community learning environment to help individuals and families navigate life, find creative solutions to everyday issues and create confidence in the expression of one’s authentic self.


  • Academic Support for grades K-12 for a variety of subjects including specialized help with reading and language skills
  • Individual and family sessions with Deborah for improving relationships within families and with one’s self
  • Playgroups (crafting, art, writing, and spiritual development) that incorporate critical thinking, creativity, expression of one’s authentic self, learning about energy, meditation and more
  • Reiki sessions and certifications
  • I.E.T sessions and certifications
  • Theta Healing sessions
  • Akashic Record Reading
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Card Reading

Tracy Robitaille

Licensed Esthetician

Make Up Artist

Certified Reflexologist,

Master Reiki Practitioner

Certified Life Coach


401 575-9696


Tracy has been a licensed Esthetician and Make Up Artist for over 30 years. Throughout, her  career journey, she became a certified Reflexologist, Master Reiki Practitioner, Holistic Practitioner, and Certified Life Coach. She has a weekly podcast, in which she shares her life very transparently, to show others they are not alone and that she is here to help. 


Life coaching sessions

Ear coning

Cosmetic application and instruction

Coming soon: Human Design breath work and eft tapping

Beth Rocchio, MD

Board Certified Weight Management Physician



Dr. Beth practices what she calls Integrated Medical Weight Loss.  She believes that when it comes to effective weight maintenance, that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. She treats each patient individually.  In addition to food, physical activity and medical factors, she also considers the role of mental, emotional, social and spiritual factors, and how they all might be affecting a person’s weight.

Integrated (treating the whole person), Individual (because each person is unique), Incremental (meaning we take it one visit at a time) – “Everyday people tell me this approach has helped them lose more weight and keep more off than they ever did, and in a way that is kinder to themselves.”

She has been maintaining a 50 pound weight loss herself for 14 years without a fad diet, excess exercise, pill, or surgery. Her own path has been a combination of 12 step recovery, mind-body medicine, and spiritual growth. For this reason her greatest passion is to find a way to give others what she received, helping them to “grow inside” in order to “shrink outside.”  One of her favorite mottos is that ‘Peace of Mind Protects from Piece of Cake’

She has worked with over 4000 people over 15 years. She is board certified in Family Medicine and in Obesity Medicine. She has had continuing education in mind-body medicine and spirituality through: Harvard/Mind-Body Medicine, UMASS/MBSR, Omega, Kripalu, Hope In Healthcare, American Meditation Institute, and UCSF-EBT.


Integrated Medical Weight Loss

Food Addiction Treatment

Weight Loss Medication

Stress Reduction Skills

Plan of Eating

Physical Activity Plan

Behavior Modification

Weekly Support Groups

Grisella Ramos Santiago LCSW

Board Certified Weight Management Physician



Grisella is a Holistic Licensed Clinical Therapist with over 15 years of experience who incorporates therapeutic services with Reiki Breath Work and The Akashic Records to support you in learning and addressing negative and unhealthy patterns that keep coming up in your life. As we find ourselves navigating though unprecedented and uncertain times, it is more important than ever to identify and release what no longer serves us. Grisella’s readings and Coaching services support you to help you make decisions that are for your higher purpose. She assists her clients in understanding what the Akashic Records are, and what information they hold. She also helps her clients to understand that there is a wealth of information about who they are at soul level and what they haven’t tapped into yet. Grisella is a NYS licensed clinical social worker, a soul realignment practitioner a breath body mind practitioner and a reiki level 2 practitioner. Her goal is to use her love of helping and working with others utilizing and combining these modalities to help you access your divine soul gifts and live your true-life purpose.


Soul Realignment Readings

Relationship Readings

Chakra Readings

Manifestation Readings

Profession Profile

Property Readings. 

Coaching Packages

Therapeutic Support Packages

Holistic Therapy *

Breathing Therapy 

20 Minute Consultations

NEW! Mini Group Readings 

Swetha Sarathy

Well-Being Coach

Life Coach 




Swetha is a multi-faceted professional with a diverse background encompassing Information Technology, Marketing, Consulting, Change Management, Life/Success/Well-Being Coaching, and Crisis Counseling. Throughout Swetha’s career, valuable experience has been accumulated in collaborating with teams and individuals to achieve success through a strong emphasis on mental health, inclusion, and team cohesion. Swetha firmly advocates that these elements are indispensable for fostering successful and resilient teams in the workplace. This commitment to these areas is evident in Swetha’s work, which prioritizes nurturing an inclusive workplace culture and enhancing team dynamics.

In the role of a consultant and coach, Swetha has engaged with organizations spanning various industries, offering guidance on growth strategies, revenue generation, change management, talent management, and employee engagement. Swetha specializes in assisting companies in navigating periods of growth and adversity, drawing upon the wealth of expertise accumulated over the years.

Moreover, Swetha is a certified life and success coach, dedicated to working with individuals striving to enrich their personal and professional lives. Swetha’s primary focus revolves around empowering individuals to unlock their full potential by fostering self-awareness, building resilience, and tapping into their unique strengths.

Beyond the professional realm, Swetha serves as a practicing well-being coach and crisis specialist, recognizing the critical importance of supporting individuals during challenging times for their overall well-being. Swetha’s holistic approach centers on helping individuals develop sustainable and effective coping strategies.

Outside of professional endeavors, Swetha is a passionate reader, traveler, writer, and enthusiast of all things fun. A strong commitment to community involvement is also part of Swetha’s ethos, actively participating in various volunteering initiatives aimed at promoting wellness and inclusion.

For those interested in connecting with Swetha or exploring potential collaborations, please do not hesitate to reach out. Swetha eagerly anticipates connecting with like-minded professionals and discovering fresh opportunities to leave a meaningful impact in the realms of consulting, coaching, and mental wellness.


Wellness Coaching

Life Coaching

Joseph Schechtman M.Ed.

Energy Healer and Trauma Healer



Innovation iterative empowe

Joe is an experienced business coach, educational consultant, and Private Practice Practitioner. His years of experience and educational background have enhanced companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, schools, and individuals’ levels of functioning, across the country.

Imagine utilizing all four quadrants of your brain…Something only 5% of the population can do…Joe can help you, your company, your employees, students, and trauma victims, do just that.

Joe not only has years of experience but an educational background, that supports that experience…

  • M.Ed. in Counseling from Boston University
  • Certification as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming.
  • Instructor of Brain Gym.
  • Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Practitioner
  • Trainer in Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, and Accelerated Learning.
  • More than 30 years of experience in educational and treatment settings as a teacher, counselor, therapist, and executive director.

In addition to his consulting, Joe was a senior instructor at Cambridge College, in the graduate special education department, from 1992 – 2012. His primary specialization involved Inclusion and Behavior Management and Succeeding with the Resistant Student.

Since 2010, Joe has been an adjunct instructor at Fitchburg State University, in the graduate educational program. He also has a private practice, specializing with clients suffering from learning challenges, ADHD, autism, and clients who have experienced a wide range of emotional, physical, and sexual trauma.

To learn more about Joe and his services, feel free to contact him to schedule a consultation.


Business Coaching

Private Counseling, Therapy

Trauma Healing

Thought Field Therapy

Brain Gym

Brain Dominance

Whole Brain Integration

Winning with Youth Program

Dr Pratibha Shah

Ayurveda Expert Practitioner

President of the Wholistic Health Alliance 

Founder, President of Council for Ayurveda Research 

Founding Director of Ayurvidya Anusandhan Abhiyan Foundation, India (a Section 8 NGO)

CEO of My Ayurved LLC.

Owner Ayurvedic Organic supplements and Herbs – Swa Stha



Pratibha Shah, BAMS, MD (Ayurveda), MPH, is an internationally renowned Ayurveda expert. Intensely trained in Traditional Health Sciences (Ayurveda, Energy healing) as well as Public Health, Pratibha Shah distils Eastern wisdom with an understanding of Western principles, for the best care of her clients. A strong sense of compassion and empathy, intent listening skills, in-depth thorough assessments and well contemplated individualized Master Wellness plans are a hallmark of her 30 years of practice. Client-centric Compassionate Care defines her best.

Her pioneering initiatives in the field of Ayurveda, have brought her to attention at the White House, the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the Consulate General of India, NYC.

She is a prolific speaker and educator in the community. She has been an invited speaker in many local and international conferences and has given several Keynote addresses.  She has authored several papers and is an editor with the Ayurveda Journal on Health. She is senior faculty and Domain Expert at Kerala Ayurveda Academy, USAand for Boston School of Ayurveda. She routinely delivers educational lectures at modern medicine institutes/bodies such as Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, American Holistic Nurses Association, among others.

With more than 30 years of clinical practice, she is one of the few holistic practitioners leading the effort of true integration, focused on client-centric wholesome care. She has been a trailblazer and an eminent Ambassador of Ayurveda in the West, teaching, practicing and promoting Ayurveda, while also working tirelessly on building bridges with mainstream medicine practitioners and Institutes.

For her work, she was nominated in the Top 20 Women of the Year, for the year 2014.

Before moving to US in 2004, she was working as Chief Medical Officer with the Central Government of India, in the ministry of AYUSH. In 2019, she was featured in an international documentary on Ayurveda. In 2022, she attended the inauguration of the WHO Global Center for Traditional Medicine, as a special Government of India invitee. 

She is the Founder, President of the Wholistic Health Alliance (a 501c3 non-profit), Founder, President of Council for Ayurveda Research (a 501c3 non-profit), Founding Director of Ayurvidya Anusandhan Abhiyan Foundation, India (a Section 8 NGO), and CEO of My Ayurved LLC. In 2019, she launched her own high end organic herbal product line by the name of Swa Stha. She currently practices in the Greater Boston area but has clientele throughout the world.

‘Client-centric Compassionate Complete Care defines her best’


Ayurvedic Consultations

Ayurvedic Detox

Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurvedic Formulas/ Herbs and supplements

Maria Sorensen, MA, LAADC

Integrative Psychotherapist

 Maria 401-932-6820

 Frank 401-932-6821 


Maria Sorensen, MA, LAADC, SAP is a holistic and integrative psychotherapist. She is the co-founder of Healing Arts in North Kingstown, RI. She obtained her Masters degree in Holistic Counseling from Salve Regina University in 1996 where she learned to integrate a body, mind, spirit approach to help others.

Maria specializes in trauma work and is certified in EMDR {eye movement desensitization reprocessing} which is similar to energy work. She is certified in Internal Family Systems {IFS} and clinical hypnotherapy. She is a Reiki Master who studied the Usui system of natural healing under Myra Partyka.

Maria is an addiction specialist and she acquired her license with the State of Rhode Island as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional in 1995. Maria is an independent professional family interventionist whose primary focus is on love and compassion for the family and the addict.

Maria respects the individuality and uniqueness of each person. Depending on a person’s needs, she is able to use integrative approaches such as developing holistic self-care plans, expressive arts, Biomat Therapy, coaching, hypnosis, mindfulness, guided imagery, spirituality, Reiki, IFS and EMDR along with “talk therapy” to help facilitate the healing process.

Maria began her own spiritual journey of recovery in 1976. She has a deep commitment to her own process of recovery, spirituality and self-transformation. She has studied the 12 steps, Eastern and Western philosophy, Shamanic practices and incorporates these principles into her work with others. Her interests include integrative health, nature, nutrition and fitness. She lives in North Kingstown, RI with her husband and daughter.

Healing Arts and Discover You is collaborating on an Integrative Approach to Addiction and Mental Health Issues in 2019.


Individual therapy

Couple’s counseling

One Day Intensives

Group Therapy


Integration Work 

DOT/SAP Evaluations

IFS & Expressive Arts 

Janice Sutton BSRN

Registered Nurse 

Reiki Master

 (401) 298-0306

With over a decade of working as a critical care nurse, Janice has a unique perspective on stress and illness, and how we can interrupt the stress response in order to allow the body’s own wisdom to heal itself. Reiki is an amazing tool which utilizes universal energy to assist our body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Reiki is a Japanese healing modality, but “hands on healing” has been prevalent in all cultures throughout time. Twenty years ago, during her own level 1 Reiki Attunement, she was gifted with an unexpected miraculous healing. Stunned and befuddled as to just exactly how this occurred, she  became impassioned to understand it and to pass on the goodness to others. Scientifically, everything is made up of energy even us; our own hearts beat with its own intrinsic electrical current. One client calls our Reiki sessions a “massage for the soul”. Each client seems to get exactly what they need. Janice is passionate about Reiki and she  welcomes you to treat yourself to its benefits.

Angelhawk Reiki infused Jewelry available at Shabalot EG and Kosmic Kitty Wakefield

Offering sessions at Thrive Wellness Collaborative 4372 Post Rd. East Greenwich RI


Reiki Healing

Jim Standish

Reiki Master Teacher 

Certified I Ching Tools Educator and Facilitator



Former Director of RIHHA. Jim brings a lifetime of Esoteric study to the table. A board certified, registered Reiki Master Teacher with the International Association of Reiki Practitioners he had the honor of being tutored by Judith Struck.

With over 30 years experience with the I Ching Systems Instruments he is a certified Educator and Facilitator of this valuable healing modality. Jim is also a bit of a water fanatic. He has chronicled and validated the work of Dr.Masaru Emoto on his website I Ching where people can learn about Water Consciousness and the work of many other famous water scientists.

And he holds a deep reverence and respect for the Earth honoring Indigenous traditions of the Shamanic Arts. Through his business “Pur Homes” Jim brings the ritual rites and ceremonies of the Ancient  Americas to the general public in the form of House clearings, Land blessings, Sanctification, Traditional Despacho Offering and the Ancient Art of the Stone Cairn or Apacheta.


I Ching Systems

Destiny Cards

Water consciousness

Denise Theroux

Reiki Practitioner

Integrated Energy Therapy




Recognizing the distinct vibrational qualities of crystals, Denise tailors her sessions to meet specific intentions, promoting a harmonious flow of energy and well-being for her clients.

Aromatherapy further enriches her practice. Guided by the power of essential oils extracted from plants, she creates a multi-faceted healing experience for her clients. The captivating scents of these oils complement her energy work, fostering relaxation, uplifting moods, and contributing to an all-encompassing sense of healing.

By seamlessly weaving her Reiki and IET certifications with her expertise in crystal healing and aromatherapy, she offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to energy healing. Her sessions address a wide spectrum of well-being, spanning the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

This integrative approach ensures that her clients receive not only expert care but also a customized experience aimed at rejuvenation, balance, and an invigorated sense of well-being.






Jennifer Tullo, BSN, RN

Reiki Master Practitioner






Since becoming a registered nurse in 2013 and then specializing in Hospice and Palliative Care, the doors to her spiritual path had become wide open. During this time she was called to learn the principles of Reiki. Literally waking up one morning with an intense feeling to understand the beauty of Universal Life Force Energy. So she did.

Jen has been a Reiki Master practitioner since 2019 and trained under the lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui. She is also certified in Integrated Energy Therapy which helps release old energy blockages deeply imbedded in our cellular DNA.

Jen has a passion for helping others, is a lover of nature, herbal medicine, energy medicine, animals, crystals and all things metaphysical. She is currently practicing to become a certified yoga teacher RYT-500.

Jen sees her clients at East Bay Therapeutics, LLC


Reiki Healing

Integrated Energy Therapy

Nancy Web

Board Certified Massage Therapist

 401- 727-4155



My investigation into alternative healing methods began over 35 years ago. My early training was in art, holistic and expressive therapy. This included study in Meditation, Yoga, Qigong, Kineseology, and Energy Psychology techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT). My interests expanded to learning more about the connection between body, mind and spirit. I started my bodywork career with Reiki and Reflexology. Then started formal training in Chinese medicine and philosophy. I have over 3000 hours of basic training as an Asian Bodywork Therapist (ABT) and have mentored with several masters learning valuable information not being taught in any school. I continued my education with an 800 hour training in western massage and take several CE classes yearly. I have over 30 years of professional experience teaching and practicing multiple modalities.

I am licensed in both RI and MA I am also a life / wellness coach,  teach yoga,  qigong and somatic movement.  I have always had a private practice but also have over 7 years experience working 2 days a week in a functional medical setting.

My approach to healing is holistic, treating conditions that range from structural imbalances, injury recovery, immune and adrenal support, depression, ADHD, PTSD, and fibromyalgia to those seeking relaxation, prevention or spiritual development through body awareness. It is my experience that the power of touch and movement is profoundly healing. It has the capacity to access ones heart,  soul, inner truth, unique expression and creativity, which is a vehicle to living a healthy, joyful and fulfilling life.


Transformational Bodywork


Oriental Bodywork


Thai Massage

CranioSacral (SM)

Trager Approach

Energy Work

Lomi Lomi

Myofascial Release


Somatic Movement (SM)

Chair Massage

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