RIHHA Workshop FEB 2023

Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs with Linda Boutilier LICSW

RIHHA is pleased to announce our first workshop for all our members!! Reprogramming limiting beliefs Part -1. Linda Boutilier LICSW talks about various methods and tools to break the limiting beliefs and heal your life.

*Learn how to reprogram limiting beliefs from childhood:

*Learn how these beliefs are programed in your subconscious mind

*Learn about tapping and other techniques that allow you to become aware of your programs, and free you to align with your higher, authentic self.

*Learn about how parts of your personality have taken on the role of keeping this programming in place.

*Learn how to integrate flower essences and heal the mind and get free from limited beliefs and fully live your life purpose.

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RIHHA Workshop – APRIL 2023

Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs (PART – 2)

with Linda Boutilier LICSW


RIHHA member and Senior Energy Psychology practitioner/ psychotherapist talks about different tool to Reprogramming childhood beliefs!! This is part 2 of the series. In this session she talks about many things/ tools about Creating a healthy lifestyle; Becoming Free to live your soul’s purpose!! Learn the distinction between your authentic self and your personality Identify limiting beliefs that keep you stuck Learn how energy psychology can help you access your subconscious and create a healing energy field.


RIHHA Interview series – The wellness Journey. We are happy and honored to have Dr Pratibha joined us today. And she has shared the story about how she started WHA

And the youth Brigade – Teen Mental Health Initiative and their upcoming event

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