I Ching Systems Instruments

I Ching Systems are actual instruments or tools that are used to bring you to your “perfect balance point”. They use I Ching symbols or hexagrams, combined with minerals, metals, colors, energy and magnets. The subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs and unconscious sabotaging we live with can be cleared, and need to be, for a person to be healthy emotionally, mentally and physically (all leading to spiritually). Simply hold in your hands for 15 minutes and discover your “perfect balance point”!

“Chinese medicine recognizes the idea of life force or energy flowing through the consciousness through an organized system of energetic circuitry.

And, it recognizes the electromagnetic aspects of the consciousness …

All of our instruments have been built with these principles in mind. Rather than trying to figure out the content of a person’s emotional imbalance, our technology addresses the context or structure in which the imbalance is taking place. Our instruments are designed to address and support the natural flow of life force through a person’s system. At the same time, if used when a person feels out of balance, they are designed to address the energetic circuitry that is causing the imbalances.

“To accomplish these goals, we have studied the effects of colors, herbs, minerals, gem stones, metals and so much more, but the real breakthroughs came when we went back to the ancient mathematical codes found in the I Ching … an ancient text that contains sixty-four drawings known as Hexagrams. …

These Hexagrams with their binary math codes are the basis of the universe. There are 64 Hexagrams and 64 bits or math codes in your computer. Your DNA can be broken down into Hexagrams. Crystals are composed of these math codes and so is the human consciousness. “We can call the solid lines 0’s and they act as closed gates. The broken lines are 1’s and they are open gates. Energy flows through the consciousness tracking these gates. When someone is upset or out of balance mentally and emotionally, there is an open gate that should be closed or vice versa.

“The I Ching Systems instruments were designed on this same principle. You simply hold an instrument whenever you feel out of balance. The instrument is designed to address the flow of energy through the entire consciousness, resetting the gates in order to restore equilibrium. It is hard for some people to imagine that such a system exists. We have all been taught to accept stress and emotional struggles as normal and to live with our imbalances as if they were natural. So many people live with and accept painful relationships, jobs they hate, and living situations that do not support their well being because we have all been taught to adjust into our imbalances rather than to seek resolution. Your mental and emotional health is your most valuable asset.

“The ancient knowledge and binary math codes of the I Ching may just be the keys to our emotional balance and inner calm …”
Mary Miller, MSW, Health Freedom Advocate


Disclaimer: These Instruments are for experimental purposes only, and the FDA has not approved/evaluated these tools, resources, recommendations, and/or aids. All products, procedures, and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent, and/or cure any disease.  None of the products, procedures, and information replaces or substitutes for the advice of a practicing medical doctor.  See a qualified practicing MD for any disease or medical condition. 

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